Dec 12 2015 @ Deakin University

Global Peace Centre cordially invites you to the inauguration of the Club of Budapest Australia at the Shifting Paradigms Conference being held at Deakin University, Burwood campus, on the 12th of December, 10am – 5pm

Please register on our website – Shifting Paradigms  **Limited Seats Available** or Download brochure for tickets and other information. The Shifting Paradigms is an interactive conference emphasising global health, seeing global health as the all-inclusive process the can heal not only humanity but also the environment.

“Changing the world one step at a time”

A, Club of Budapest, Australia & Global Peace Centre Initiative.

The Club of Budapest Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating practical projects to heal planet Earth on a global scale  The global environmental change has become a focal point of international affairs where environmental preservation is needed to reduce the economic inequity which contributes to environmental destruction. Restoration of the environment requires the involvement not only of nations working together, but of the people of the world.. Effective people participation requires global education and knowledge.

We would like to ask if it would be possible for your association to help us promote the conference to further spread our message of peace.


How can we create a positive future?

What kind of challenges do we face?

Can we survive AS A Species?

What do we have to do to survive?

What is the role of the individual & the society for a positive future?

The speakers at our conference either in person or by Skype include:

Ervin Laszlo – President and Founder, Club of Budapest

David Woolfson – Lawyer and Global Futures activist Peace Maker, President – Club of Budapest, Toronto,.

Professor Avni SaliFounder NIIM,

Dr Michael Ellis Integrative Physician, Futurist, Peace Worker, President Club Of Budapest Australia and Global Peace Centre

Dr. Niran Jiang – Director, Institute of Human Excellence,

Jager Holly Executive Global Peace Centre and Co Founder, Medical Renaissance Movement

Dr Keith Suter – consultant on strategic planning and a futurist

Rodger Savory – Director, Savory Grassland Management.

Dr Ian Dettman – CEO, Founder Biological TherapiesPh.D. in Biochemistry (Monash University).* B.Sc. Hon. (Biochemistry)* Fellow RMIT (Applied Microbiology/Biochemistry/Genetics/Botany)* Fellow Australian College of Biomedical Scientists (FACBS)

Dr Professor Marc Cohen  MD PhD PhD Program leader for the RMIT, Master of Wellness program

Dr. James Siow – Clinical Toxicologist Director of the Centre of Clinical Toxicology at NIIM

Nelson Abreu – Assistant Director of Research and Scientific Communication at International Academy of Consciousness

Mahendra Trivedi –Master of spiritual healing , transformation of energy and higher consciousness. of the Trivedi Foundation,

Dr Russell D’Souza – Psychiatrist, Chair Asia Pacific Bioethics Network for Education Science and Technology, UNESCO ,

Howard Martin – Executive Vice President,, HeartMath, USA Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee

Steve Farrell – World Wide Coordinating Director Humanity’s Team,

Dr Ari Ariyaratne, Sri Lanka, Founder, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka. recipient of the  Acharya Sushil Kumar International Peace Award for the year 2005 and Sri Lankabhimanya, the highest National Honour of Sri Lanka

Carmel Ashton, Ph.D, MAPS  Scholar, Author of Dimensions of health, Educating for a quantum perspective Author

John Shearer – John Shearer CEO & Visionary ~ Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, A.C.T. Therapist, Writer & Public Speaker Mindfulness Coach

Barbara Marx Hubbard  futurist, author and public speaker. She is credited with the concept of the`birthing of humanity – Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Dr. Desmond Chen – AIAS PhD in Holistic Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy, C.Doctor of Bus. Admin. (U.K.), Professor in Holistic Medicine & Self-image Psychology, Founding President of AICI H.K. (04-06), Fist Jane Segerstrom Award Winner in China

Vanita Dahia, Australia’s premier compounding Pharmacist and Academic specializing in Anti-Ageing medicine

Dr Sue Wareham  OAM   The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia

Our planet is at a turning point and Humanity now has an opportunity to advance towards a planetary peace and ecological culture (i.e. a sustainable civilization). Throughout the world there are millions and millions of people calling for change to create a peaceful and sustainable future for all of humanity.

We are privileged to be inaugurating the Club of Budapest Australia at a special ceremony. Each member of the executive will be giving a special presentation. We also hope to have an introductory message by the founder of the Club of Budapest, Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

What is the new image of humanity and how can we express and empower ourselves in new ways which creates a sustainable global community. This is where a new conception of education is so important.

Please register on our website — Shifting Paradigms  **Limited Seats Available**


Shifting Paradigms

In this video the following questions were asked:

1. How can we create a positive future?
2. What kind of challenges do we face?
3. Can we survive as a species?
4. What do we have to do to survive?
5. What is the role of the individual and the society for a positive future?

The Global Peace Centre is an alliance of groups and individuals who seek the common aim of alleviating human suffering on the planet, upholding the cause of peace through the cooperation and interdependence of all nations and supporting the survival of the human species by protecting the environment and the biosphere – the intricate meshwork of life of which humanity is a part. It is a global ‘think tank’, bringing together humanity’s best minds – a convergence of the spiritual, scientific and humanistic

Honorary Patron Dr Ervin Laszlo

Shaping the Future Global – Conference August 2014

Shaping the future conference was held at Deakin University. Our planet is at tipping point in terms of human survival. The biggest challenge facing us is climate change. If nothing is done about climate change we are compromising the future of humanity and future generations. The challenge is to create a new model of reality which creates a steady state relationship between ourselves and the environment. At the moment entrenched interests in the fossil fuel industry and the power of the military industrial complex looks is creating a dismal scenario for humanity. The Shaping the Future conference is looking to a new vision of humanity, based on the emergent consciousness of the 21st Century. How do we access this new way of thinking and how do we create a massive change in consciousness? How do we put values before economic rationalism? These fundamental questions are answered in this conference in various ways by spiritual leaders, environmentalists, peace activists, experts in education and doctors and healers.

Healing the body as a Quantum System

This is a presentation given by Dr Michael Ellis at the conference “Life in a Toxic world – 28 February 2015” hosted by Dr James Siow – Director for the Centre of  Clinical Toxicology at National institute of Integrative medicine. The title of Dr Ellis’s presentation is the “Toxicology of the limitation of personal freedom – Healing the body as a quantum system”. Toxins include brainwashing education in schools, the media manipulation creating stress and fear and the denatured food that we eat.

G20 – Save the Planet

Our national leaders represented by G20, no longer represent the voice and will of the majority of their people. Their policies run slipshod over the need for a positive future for humanity, when we are faced with the demise of the human race through climate change, nuclear war, and the major extinction of bio diversity. Our petition asks for the national leaders representing the G20 to adopt 13 steps on behalf of the people of the world.


Please join our forum on

The MAIN SPEAKERS at Shaping the Future Global – Conference Earth – August 15 – 17, 2014 are detailed below. Please view the presentations as indicated and also see our video above. Rodger Savory will be producing a separate video presentation.

  • Lyn Allison Parliamentarian, Former Leader Australian Democrats

          A positive, sustainable future for Australia and globally

  • Dr A T Ariyaratne, Founder, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka. Recipient of the Acharya Sushil Kumar International Peace Award for the year 2005 and Sri Lankabhimanya, the highest National Honour of Sri Lanka.
  • Carmel Ashton, Ph.D, MAPS Scholar, Author of Dimensions of health, Educating for a quantum perspective.
  • Dr. Bahjat Batarseh A great Bible teacher and evangelist, blessed with the great gift of healing and prophecy.
  • Professor Marc Cohen  MD PhD PhD Program leader for the RMIT, Master of Wellness program
  • Dr. Russell D’Souza, Chair Asia Pacific Bioethics Network for Education Science and Technology, UNESCO.
  • Dr Michael Ellis President Global Peace Centre.
  • Dr. David Goodman Neuroscientist and Futurist.
  • Dr Jager Holly, Mind Body Medicine and Bio Energetic Medicine
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard futurist, author and public speaker. She is credited with the concept of the ‘birthing of humanity`.
  • Dr James Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak The Academy for Future Science, Author of The Book of Knowledge-The Keys of Enoch.
  • Dr Michael Jackson Futurist, Chairman of Shaping Tomorrow. Board of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.

                      Finding a New Purpose

  • Niran Jiang Founding partner and director at the Institute of Human Excellence, Sydney.
  • Howard Martin Executive Vice President, HeartMath, Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee Member
  • Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt Futurists, peace workers.   .
  • Professor Avni Sali Founder and  Head of  National Institute of Integrative Medicine
  • Rodger Savory, Savory Grassland Management

                     Sustainable Agriculture

  • Dr Kenneth Scott, Plant ecologist.
  • John Shearer CEO & Visionary – Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, A.C.T. Therapist, Writer & Public Speaker.
  • Dr. James Siow, Clinical Toxicologist Director of the Centre of Clinical Toxicology at NIIM
  • Dr Lily Tomas, President Australian Integrative Medical Association.
  • Mahendra Trivedi Great Healer and scientist. His powerful transmissions are able to transform living and nonliving matter for a higher purpose with a tremendous impact on human wellness for over 200,000 individuals globally.
  • Dr Sue Wareham, OAM, The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)
  • Dr Bill Williams, Chair of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Australia.
  • David Woolfson Lawyer and Global Futures activist, Founder, The Club of Budapest Canada, Coordinator – World shift 20 Council





Conference Earth: Shaping the Future




15-17 August 2014

Deakin University Melbourne, Burwood Campus

LT 12, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria, 3125

 Michael Ellis Phone for information: 0414 543 397

Tickets available at:

Costs: $99 Special for 3 full days (or $40 a day)

STUDENT PRICE $50 3 Days (or $20 a day)

Meet face to face with Global Change Makers’


Conference Earth – Shaping the Future is dealing with global health and environmental sustainability, education, the role of the internet, human rights and social justice, seeing all these factors as interrelated.

Our conference is about the hard facts pertaining to Human survival and the real evidence concerning the nature of consciousness.

We have lost our humanity in the hierarchy of human production lines whether in professions or business or religion. We have become or are becoming clones in an outmoded system of production and exploitation

Our aim is to mobilise the grass roots global community into affirmative action to create a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilled human presence on our planet.

Conference Earth – Shaping the Future reveals the real state of affairs on this planet as well as the solutions which are based  on  a new cartography of not only the physical nature of the human Being but  also a new understanding of the Human spirit .

As  Vaclav Havel , the last president of Czechoslovakia said   “Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed — be it ecological, social, demographic or a general breakdown of civilization — will be unavoidable “

We seek to give our delegates the opportunity to understand how each person can be a change agent that can empower themselves and the local and global community, towards new ways of cooperation and mutual understanding.

All that man has here in multiplicity is intrinsically One. Here all blades of grass, wood and stone, all things are One. This is the deepest depth. And thereby am I completely captivated”. Meister Eckhart (1260-1327



Dr James Hurtak and Dr Desiree Hurtak - The Academy for Future Science, USA.

Dr Michael Ellis – President Global Peace Centre

Niran Jiang – Human Excellence

Professor Avni Sali – National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Lyn Allison – Parliamentarian Former Leader Australian Democrats

Dr Bill Williams - Chair of the ICAN Board

Dr A T Ariyaratne – Founder, Sarvodaya Movement of Sri Lanka (Skype)

Steve Farrell – Humanity’s Team (Skype)

Dr. Bahjat Batarseh - Jordanian Apostle/Prophet (Skype)

Dr Lily Tomas – President Australian Integrative Medical Association

Dr Sue Wareham - OAM, MAPW

Bob Phelps – GeneEthics Network

Rodger Savory – Savory Grassland Management
Dr Michael Jackson – Futurist

Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt – Consciousness Researchers & Musicians.

Dr Jager Holly – Mind Body Medicine and Bio Energetic Medicine

Dr Kenneth Scott – plant ecologist

Dr. Russell D’Souza – UNESCO Chair in Bioethics Centre


Peace Video


“ If humankind is to survive there has to be a substantially new manner of thinking ” Albert Einstein

We currently live in very dangerous times. There is not only vast inequity between the developed and developing world– there is also a general poverty of spirit. We are suffering severe environmental degradation and the irreversible destruction of living and non living resources and a massive extinction of biodiversity.

In our Post Modernistic world, things are changing and there is a marked feeling of gloom and doom post September 11th. The world is governed more and more by economic rationalism and the military machine.

The Global Peace Centre covers the following topics

  • Economics and Politics
    Human Rights
  • Paradigm shift
    What was peripheral becomes central
    Bringing consciousness back into the equation
  • Participatory democracy
    Exploring New Economics
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
    The nature of the Global monetocracy, and exploring the nature of all forms of fundamentalism and their causes
  • Environmental degradation, inequity and exploitation are a vicious circle
    How do we treat poverty and inequity
  • Environment and Resources
    Is environmental degradation a reflection of people’s lives like the shadow follows the body
  • Unity in diversity
    In favor of pluralism
  • Higher creativity-integrating science and spirituality
    In favor of progress
  • Open forums and openness of dialogue
    In favor of ordinary words and listening to others as much or more than talking to others
  • Against the exploitation of illness by the pharmaceutical industry and unnecessary medical intervention
    The creation of a healing culture- self responsibility and self healing
  • Against corporatization of education
    Education as a quest for realization and creativity
  • Against misinformation and media which is tied up with government
    The creation of freedom of expression and pluralism and multiculturalism
  • Against fascism and neo conservatism in all its forms and agenda
    For freedom, equality, altruism and mate-ship
  • Against inequity and poverty in the community
    The social determinants of health are intimately tied with a supportive community and a health environment
  • In favor of a renaissance in consciousness, conscience and thinking
    Think cosmically and act globally

The loss of values and loss of dreams

In our media there is sensationalism in the newspapers and there is no integration of news or proper analysis as news tends to serve political purposes and is therefore politically biased. There is no public voice. Even in Universities there seems to be no integration between different specialties and information is narrowly focused.

It is a fragmented schizophrenic society.

The Global Peace Centre advocates new ways of thinking, acting and being, placing priority on the interconnectedness of all life. This realisation means that any loss of life affects us as the ripples are bound to affect the whole family of human kind. In this paradigm, suffering and loss of life diminishes us as the collective human psyche.

The rational, irrational and suprarational

In our society people express themselves in rational, irrational or supra-rational ways. Generally the establishment frowns on the irrational and the supra-rational. The aim of The Global Peace Centre is to find those group of people who are willing to be visionary enough to stand up and be counted and affect positive change in their environment by linking through the common ground. This is the new turn of the spiral and emphasises wholistic and new ways of thinking and being.

Our politicians are power crazy. The political mood of the world is conflict and confrontation. Problems are analysed to the nth degree with weighty thoughts. But despite our rationalism and technology our lives as human beings are controlled mainly by the emotions of the lower and mid brains creating a global crisis of greed, exploitation, anger and stupidity, which the Buddha called the three poisons.

Governments are maintaining economic growth at any cost and there is vast inequity in the world where millions and millions live in poverty and illness and others in comparatively excess wealth and material benefit. In our Western society we need to be informed as to the truth of what is actually occurring and we need a new awareness and new consciousness or spirituality which understands how everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else. This new paradigm is based on cooperation and openness.

There are huge changes occurring in our global society. At the World Economic Forum in February 2002, the scientists predicted a grim future replete with unprecedented biological threats, global warming, and the possible takeover of humans by robots. The Quantum Revolution which has given rise to the biogenetic engineering and the computer could also create a two tiered world with an artificially created genetic super race ruling over the masses somewhat like the scenario envisaged in Brave New World. We also have to realise that, as David Suzuki has said, we have taken over 40% of the major biological imprint on the planet which can be a recipe for species extinction.

Our future generations

It’s no wonder our young people are angry. Their lives are changing, but they feel there is no future as they feel there is nothing left. There are no values to live by. There is nothing stable, congruent or certain. Our young people nowadays grow up so quickly due to the influence of the media, particularly television. Parental care is lost as parents go out to work under the increasingly stressful working environment.

The conservative values once upheld by religion, are gone. People do not believe in institutions that dis-empower them. As Erickson, the psychologist has said, it is the political and theocratic elite which take advantage of the masses through manipulating their infantile desires.